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General Motors Bondholders

Bond List


Issue Name CUSIP# Outstanding Indenture Date Closed Date
GM Corp 9.40% Debs due 7/15/2021 370442AN5 $299,795,000.00 11/15/1990 7/22/1991
GM Corp 8.80% Notes due 3/1/2021 370442AJ4 $524,795,000.00 11/15/1990 3/12/1991
GM Corp 7.40% Debs due 9/1/2025 370442AR6 $500,000,000.00 11/15/1990 9/11/1995
GM Corp Medium Term Notes AG3 37045EAG3 $15,000,000.00 11/15/1990 7/22/1991
GM Corp Medium Term Notes AS7 37045EAS7 $48,175,000.00 11/15/1990 12/21/1990
GM Corp 7.75% Disc Debs due 3/15/2036 370442AT2 $377,377,000.00 12/7/1995 3/20/1996
GM Corp 7.70% Debs due 4/15/2016 370442AU9 $500,000,000.00 12/7/1995 4/15/1996
GM Corp 8.10% Debs due 6/15/2024 370442AV7 $400,000,000.00 12/7/1995 6/10/1996
GM Corp 6 3/4 Debs due 5/1/2028 370442AZ8 $600,000,000.00 12/7/1995 4/29/1998
GM Corp 7.20% Notes due 1/15/2011 370442BB0 $1,500,000,000.00 12/7/1995 1/11/2001
GM Corp 7.25% Q Int Bnds due 4/15/2041 370442816 $575,000,000.00 12/7/1995 4/30/2001
GM Corp 7 1/4 Sr Notes due 7/15/2041 370442774 $718,750,000.00 12/7/1995 7/9/2001
GM Corp 7.375% Sr Notes due 10/1/2051 370442766 $690,000,000.00 12/7/1995 10/3/2001
GM Corp 7.25% Sr Notes due 2/15/2052 370442758 $875,000,000.00 12/7/1995 2/14/2002
GM Corp 4.50% Series A Conv Sr Debs 370442741 $1,150,000,000.00 12/7/1995 3/6/2002
GM Corp 5.25% Series B Conv Sr Debs 370442733 $2,600,000,000.00 12/7/1995 3/6/2002
GM Corp 7.375% Sr Notes due 5/15/2048 370442725 $1,115,000,000.00 12/7/1995 5/19/2003
GM Corp 7.375% Sr Notes due 5/23/2048 370442BQ7 $425,000,000.00 12/7/1995 5/23/2003
GM Corp 8.375% Sr Debs due 7/15/2033 370442BT1 $3,000,000,000.00 12/7/1995 7/3/2003
GM Corp 6.250% Series C Conv Sr Debs 370442717 $4,300,000,000.00 12/7/1995 7/2/2003
GM Corp 8.25% Sr Debs due 7/15/2023 370442BW4 $1,250,000,000.00 12/7/1995 7/3/2003
GM Corp 7.125% Sr Notes due 7/15/201 370442BS3 $1,000,000,000.00 12/7/1995 7/3/2003
GM Corp 7.50% Sr Notes due 7/1/2044 370442121 $720,000,000.00 12/7/1995 6/30/2004
GM Corp 1.50% Series D Conv Sr Debs 370442691 $1,500,000,000.00 12/7/1995 5/31/2007


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