Matrimonial and Divorce Advisory Solutions
The dissolution of marriage is one of the most stressful and difficult experiences you may face. We understand the complexities of divorce as well as the emotional strain it brings. Our goal is to provide the guidance, resources, and insights you and your advisors can rely on to make the process as smooth as possible.

Advice and Guidance from a Team you can Trust
The experts in our National Matrimonial/Divorce Advisory Practice, led by President of the Eastern U.S. Region for Family Wealth, Sharon Klein, work in close collaboration with attorneys and other trusted advisors to create fully coordinated service for those impacted by divorce. We help clients maneuver through complexity and find financial stability and peace of mind. Learn more about our full range of Divorce Planning Solutions for individuals and Divorce Advisory Services for professional advisors.

For more information about how we can assist with the complexities of divorce and premarital planning, please contact Sharon Klein.

Meet some of our team members

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Christy L. Watkins, CFA
Administrative Vice President and Senior Investment Advisor

Christy develops customized investment portfolios for her clients based on their unique parameters for risk, return, liquidity, and other factors. After taking the time to listen to her client’s objectives and to understand any tax, legal, and personal considerations, she then structures a diversified portfolio in keeping with the client’s asset allocation plan. Christy continually monitors and periodically rebalances her clients’ portfolios to reflect their evolving needs and to pursue new investment opportunities.

Anne Kelligrew St.Clair, CIMA
Administrative Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager

Anne meets the complex financial needs of Family Wealth’s national clients. As a senior relationship manager and team leader, she coordinates a broad range of services available through the Wilmington Trust Wealth Management team, including investment management, planning, trust, family governance, and family office services. She provides strategic advice, highly personalized service, and drawing on her prior role as a Private Banking regional managing director for Family Wealth, tailored credit and banking solutions.

Our Latest Divorce Insights eBook: Divorce: What Professional Advisors Must Know
Please submit the following information to access this valuable guide, authored by Sharon Klein and designed to help advisors and clients make important decisions before, during, and after a divorce.

Matrimonial and Divorce Advisory Insights

Top 10 Considerations when Faced with Divorce
The dissolution of marriage is one of the most stressful and difficult experiences your clients may face. Our resources can help make the transition as smooth as possible.
Four Divorce Risks Your Clients May Not Know Exist
Divorce can derail family wealth and affect generations far beyond just one couple.
Podcast: Marriage, Divorce, and Asset Protection
Learn about protecting assets before marriage and after a divorce.

Marital Agreement Alert: Change in Taxation of Trust Income Following Divorce Requires Immediate Attention
Trusts created during a marriage can have adverse tax consequences long after divorce.
What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About the New Tax Laws
Seven areas impacted by the current tax laws–including taxation of trust income and other important considerations.
Podcast: What Family Lawyers Must Know About the New Tax Laws for Trust Income Following Divorce
How recent changes in the law have impacted the income tax consequences of trusts after divorce.

Warn Clients About Change in Taxation of Trust Income After Divorce
The tax impact of every trust created during a marriage should be carefully considered in the event of future divorce.
The Impact of Tax Reform on Divorce
Learn about the current tax law treatment of alimony and other considerations.
Tax Return Considerations During Divorce
While not typically top of mind during divorce, income tax liability is an important consideration, especially when completing your tax return.

Trust Assets and Divorce: The Latest News
A discussion on the Ferri-Powell case, where a divorcing spouse was able to move tens of millions in trust assets out of reach of his ex-spouse.
The Intersection of Trust & Estates, Matrimonial, and Religious Law
A discussion on the Sharabani v. Sharabani case, which involved the complications in obtaining a Jewish divorce (a “Get”).
Financial Aspects of Prenups
Learn how prenuptial agreements can be an important component of pre-marriage planning.

Top Tips for Negotiating Premarital Agreements
Sharon Klein, Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich, a Family Lawyer in Hackensack, discuss premarital agreements with Dan Couvrette, CEO of Family Lawyer Magazine and Divorce Marketing Group.
What Family Lawyers Should Know About Pre-Marital Estate Planning
Pre-marital estate planning can be key in protecting clients in the event of divorce.
Assets and Prenuptial Agreements
An overview of protecting assets with a prenuptial agreement.

When Family Business Owners Get Divorced
Valuation is key to the equitable distribution of your business.
The Division of Retirement Plan Assets in Divorce
Determining the proper division of retirement assets in a divorce and the actual distribution of these assets is very complex.
Planning for Higher Education in Divorce
Don’t let college planning become an afterthought during the difficult time of divorce.

How to Build Credit After Divorce
Simple steps can help build credit status.
Estate Planning for a Pending Divorce: What Family Lawyers Must Know
Learn which estate planning documents, account titles, and beneficiary designations should be updated as soon as possible.
What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About Life Insurance
In many divorce proceedings, life insurance plays an integral role as part of the ultimate resolution/settlement.

What Family Law Practitioners Must Know About Changing Trust Interests
When irrevocable trusts include ex-spouses or soon to be ex-spouses as beneficiaries, family law practitioners should be aware that trust distributions can potentially be adjusted.
What Family Lawyers Must Know About Modifying “Irrevocable” Trust Provisions
When irrevocable trusts are drafted in happier times, and then times change, is it possible to reduce or even eliminate the interest of an ex-spouse or soon to be ex-spouse?

“ Many clients come to us at a pivotal time in their lives. Our approach is to combine empathy with expertise, and we approach every situation with sensitivity and an understanding of what people are going through.”
Please reach out to me personally to learn how we can help you or your clients maneuver through the complexity of divorce, and find financial stability and peace of mind.
Sharon Klein
President, Family Wealth, Eastern U.S. Region, Head of National Matrimonial/Divorce Advisory Practice, Wilmington Trust, N.A.
212.415.0539    Email Sharon

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